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Zodiac defines the characteristics of a person. It tells how person's life is going to be.

Rising sign also called "Ascendant" , is the constellation of the "tropical" zodiac that appears on the exact eastern horizon at your birth based on your date,time and specific location.

The astrological houses define the exact areas of your life your horoscope is referring to.

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July 29, 2020

What is Vastu?

Vastu Shastra unifies the science, art, astronomy and astrology, it can also be said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vastu Shastra helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong.
Vaastu is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings which helps in making a congenial setting or a place to live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields for enhanced wealth, health, prosperity and happiness.

Vastu Shastra holds an important role for our living. Though some people assume misconception about this science of architecture, however, it does not water down its important at all. Vastu promotes internal peace and calm and it can also promote cooperative relationship among the dwellers that live inside the structure.

“Use this for spiritual knowledge: Vastu Shastra can really enhance people's knowledge and interest for spirituality as well.”

Another important concept that forms the foundation of Vastu Shastra is the concept of the five elements. In Vastu Shastra, these are known as the Panchabhootas. The Panchabhootas are what the entire world is made out of. The five elements are air, water, fire, earth and space. All the benefits and advantages are bestowed upon a person or a house by the proper use and placement of these five elements.

It is important to perfect both these concepts to make sure that a person can gain more happiness and also lead a more spiritually enlightened life.

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