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Rahu Enters Cancer and Ketu Enters Capricorn.

Vastu Shastra combines all these five elements (Panch Maha Bhuta) Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Sky (ether) and balances them with the person (inhabitant of the dwelling) and the material used for construction.

With the aim to eliminate all forms of environmental stress and Vastu defects, we provides Vastu Shastra consultancy & remedial services to generate positive result in your home, site location, places of worship and business sectors.

We are trying to create a harmonious atmosphere that supports your health, happiness,prosperity and fulfillment through Dr. Bhawani Shekhawat Services. Regardless of their utilities, all the complexes are well-planned as per Vastu Shastra in adherence to Architectural Science, Considering the Government bye-laws and a practical approach as per your requirements.


  • Balance your home and office environments, aligning celestial and earth energies using specific re-alignment tools and technology.
  • Correcting Vastu defects and providing remedies for existing Vastu without structural demolition.
  • Any on-going project, if causing delay or creating complications can be evaluated from the perspective of VastuShastra and with remedial measures, situation can be improved.


  • Selection of the most favorable site for home, office or plot.
  • Planning & Designing of Personalized schematic building and environmental design based on clients’ requirement.
  • Interaction with your local architect to create construction drawings.
  • Advice on ecologically friendly building materials.

For Vastu Consultancy, all facts and features of the residence or commercial space are taken into consideration and closely researched and studied. It is also important to study the environment and the location or surroundings.

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