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Saturn Sade Sati in Vedic Astrology

When planet Saturn transit at (Gonchar) over Natal Moon or twelfth or second from it, it is called Sade Sati or Elinati Shani. Saturn transits in these three signs for about 7.5 years and this period is generally considered as a period of disturbance (Financial, Social, Health, and Emotional Issues).

Moon moves at 2.5 days per sign while Saturn moves at 2.5 years per sign. If Moon is in ‘z’ sign at the time of your birth and currently if Shani is entering 12th sign with respect to the position ’z’, it is the beginning of the Elinati Shani period of your life and ends when Shani leaves the 2nd sign with respect to ‘z’ and this takes 7.5 years of time.

Coming to real-time 7.5 years of sade sati will not be completely the same. If you are trying to apply these transit rules properly. You need to judge the natal horoscope primarily then only we can estimate correctly. Still, 7.5 years of period is a major period in life. So we have can minute level where exactly it’s going to influence using western astrology considers the exact angle between Shani and other planets, the Moon and other planets.

  • Sadesathi will influence on decision making. Though this period teaches a lot of life-changing lessons, passing all the hurdles is very challenging and depending on the positions of planets, the effects vary and as the angle varies, the consequences also vary. We may end up taking a very major decision that may hamper the upcoming decisions and career.
  • But Saturn is always a karmic planet and its transit over natal moon gives karmic results. It depends on your past karma and hence sade sati doesn’t give negative effects for everyone every time
  • Traditional astrology describes this as the worst period. According to this approach, financial, social, political, marital, health, other issues affect the person which may or may not be true for all cases. However, other planetary positions need to be considered before coming to final conclusion.

Sade Sati Remedies
All incidents are predetermined. Only performing good karma can reduce the tendencies of the situation. Saturn and Moon’s interaction include Saturn behind the moon, both of them in the same house and Saturn in the house next to moon creating anxiety, tensions, and emotional distances. Japam, danam, or Homam, etc. are recommended depending on the Lagna. Lagna yoga karaka and other parameters need to be considered before judging the outcome. Remedies vary from horoscope to horoscope and astrologer suggestion is recommended.
Sade Sati Effects on Dasha Period
Sade Sati or elinati Shani Dasha Period is computed considering the moon. If the Dasha and bhukthi period are not going well in accordance with the horoscope, chances of sade sati influence are high. To verify the sade sati effecting on your life, various techniques are followed (Vedic Astrology, Western astrology, Krishnamurthy Paddhati).

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