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Astrological Significance of Gemstones in our life

Gemstones has a special significance in the Vedic Astrology and are the precious stones obtained from the natural soil that are being used since ages to release the problems that are violently pushed on us by the planets. In old times the gems were considered to be the king's pride and also the people of high order alone. However, gemstones today can be worn by anyone or everyone. It is assumed that the gemstones comprise of a mystical power within them that could benefit the wearer in any specific area of his/her life including business, education, bad health etc. Industrialists and Celebrities too have realized the strength of the gemstones and thus can be found sporting them on their body parts.

However, one should note that, only the natural gemstones can create the desired impacts on an individual's life. Gemstones aren't chosen as per individual's likes and dislikes instead after a proper study of one's horoscope it can be determined that which gemstone would best suit the person. If one chooses a wrong gemstone to wear, it may also lead to destructive results. Thus, it is highly recommended to consult an experienced astrologer prior to wearing of any of those.

Use of Gemstone

  • Eliminates obstacles in the fields like marriage, finance, career, luck, fame, income and wealth etc.
  • The electromagnetic vibrations emitted from the gems interact with and tend to influence the aura of one's body by touching our skin.
  • They create dual effects: spectrum effects and the other one being by radioactive effects.
  • Gem power is supposed to get absorbed in the individual aura this assists in resisting any of the negative vibrations from the external sources.

Gemstone recommendations should include

  • What gemstones suit you
  • Weight of gemstone
  • What is the right metal for you
  • Instructions to wear the gemstone - day, time and date
  • Mantra to keep it pure and energized

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