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About Astrology

It is not easy to find an authentic astrologer who practices Indian Astrology with the dignity, honesty, and respect it deserves.
Astrology is an ancient science, often mistaken and at times deliberately presented, as some form of mystic power or related to super natural elements.

What Do We Do ?

It has always been based on pure mathematical and scientific calculations and theories. It is a science which has strong links with the astronomy and hence the similarity in their names, ‘astro’ signifying stars or other celestial bodies.

There are no universally accepted qualifications for an astrologer. The only way an astrologer can be deemed credible is by the results he has achieved in practice, his successful experience and hard-earned reputation. Moreover, there is no exact scale to measure success, because it is always relative (differs from person to person). It is Dr. Bhawani Shekhawat endeavor to make people aware of the correct process of Indian Astrology, so that many can reap its benefits and not fall prey to unlearned astrologists suggesting magical devices.

years of


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our services

Everyone in the world is facing issues in life in one form or the other
So what is the solution to our ever-increasing problems?
Explore our astro services to find a best solution

Vedic Kundali

imprint of your characteristics,
strengths, and weakness

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Facts about Planets

unexpected and intriguing facts
about different planets

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bringing together Palmistry
and Hindu astrology

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effects of the planets
in our life

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What My Client Say

Client are the heart of any business or service
and this is why we love the appreciation we get

“Predictions are accurate, remidies are easy and giving results from the day that has been done. I was consulting my horoscope from last 24 yrs but none of the astrologers have answers of my queries. At last my search for great astrologers get fulfilled with your predictions. Salute to you Sir with attaining so much knowledge about astro.”

Divya Singh - Punjab

“Really it was great experience with Guru Ji.i am very happy with his love solution services.Recently I contacted guru ji for solving love problem I got my problem solution in 3 days.Finally got best solution.Thanks”

R. Lilly - Banglore

“Over the last 13 years I have found Astrology to be pretty accurate and having very insightful and helpful. I love accuracy and truth. It usually acts as a great compass in life. I have consistently found this with Alokik Astro and will always approach them”

Sunita Mishra - Bihar

“thank you so much sir for helping me out with proper and genuine prediction, I had no clue why things were going wrong with me and I was misleading in my directions of career and marriage, no one were supporting me nor parents nor friends facing lot of financial issue .but Shekhawat Guru Ji thank you so much to show me the right directions ”

Divakar Sharma - Jaipur

“Alokik Astro helped me in resolving some issues related to my daughter's health. I got his reference through a family member. The condition of my daughter has improved rapidly. He is always available to resolve any queries or doubts over phone. He also suggests alternative solutions for certain rituals. ”

Trisha Naval - Jodhpur

“I am so impressed with your predictions! You were entirely accurate about my fate. I believe you 100% and thank you for being there for me. I want to thank you from my heart for restoring harmony in my life.”

Krishna Dev - Chnadigarh

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